Why Choose Us ?

High Quality Products

The whole production process is done with the utmost care and thorough quality control at each stage of processing.

Reasonable price

We can supply  all the products at affordable prices than any of the contemporary suppliers  as we procure very large volume at lower prices.

100% Natural

We ensure that each product which we process is literally picked to preserve the  finest of quality standards.


  • breads and cakes
  • baby care
  • beverages
  • fruits and vegetables
  • groceries
  • home essentials
  • personal care
  • Sweets and Snacks

Multi-store shopping

We sell our products through a common storefront. Instead of logging into several accounts in order to manage all of our stores, you can just log in to one account and set anything you want for each of our stores in the administrative area.

Handpicked by shopper

It’s like your best friend shopping for you! Your shopper handpicks your favorite items and securely packs it with utmost care. You can also make alterations to your orders by communicating with the shopper before he  picks the product.