Dairy Plant

  • 22000 sq.ft building is available for  all Milk processing operations and Milk Products manufacturing activities in the Dairy.

  • Flavoured milk in PP bottles prepared and sterilised in Rhetort 10000 bottles per day. This can be increased to 30000 bottles per day by additional shifts.

  • Co-Packing with other brands of companies is also possible irrespective of whatever the quantity required by them.

  • The Dairy can handle 30000 liters of milk. Milk products like Butter, Ghee, Curd, Khoa, Buttermilk, Flavoured Milk in 4 variants and Panneer are also being prepared and marketed.

  • Milk Pasteuriser, Cream Separator, Cream Pasteuriser, Milk Storage Tanks, Homogeniser, Butter Churn, Curd making Vat, Curd and other products storage Incubator bother for heating and cooling, Milk Pouch filling machines, Cold Storage are  available for all the dairy activities.

  • Automatic Crate washer,Automatic Ghee and curd filling machines are available.

  • Automatic Ghee and Curd filling machines are available

  • Water RO processing is done and the purified water is  supplied for Rhetort process and also for drinking purposes.

  • Effluent Treatment Plant of  30000 litres capacity.

  • Auto CIP system of cleaning of plant and pipe lines.

  • Medical facilities – Vehicle is available for emergency and for the doctor to attend all emergency cases.

  • Well equipped Quality Control Laboratory for testing milk and milk products both chemically and bacteriologically.

  • Canteen for the officers and employees working in the Dairy Plant.

  • Agmark Grading Laboratory for grading of Ghee produced by the Unit and which is authorized for testing of Ghee of other dairies and issue certification.

  • The above space is adequate for future expansion of the dairy in liquid milk handling to 100000 litres of milk per day and also for the products preparation like Ice-Cream, Yoghurt, Panneer, Skimmilk Powder and so on.

Bakery & Kitchen

  • Availability of Imported machineries from Denmark, Sweden exclusively for manufacturing bakery and sweets.
  • The mega kitchen has tremendous infrastructure facilities to prepare food articles for about 10000 people in a day.