Naveen Dairy

Naveen Agro Food Corporation Private Limited which was registered under the Companies Act, establishes Modern Dairy Plant with a capacity to handle 30000 litres of milk per day including land, building constructed in 26000 sq.ft and Hi-Tech Plant and machineries. It is situated  at Thirumanjolai in Madurai – Sivagangai highways sprawling over an area of 8.5 acres approximately. The Dairy is now handling an average production 10-12000 litres of milk per day. The milk is being collected from about 1200 farmers covering 120 villages in the span of 15-20kms.

Milk Nutrients

Milk is one of the richest food sources of calcium, which helps in building strong bones and healthy teeth. Milk is also fortified with Vitamin- D which can prevent osteoporosis.

Our Farms

At  Nafco India we truly value the efforts of  farmers who are our long term partners. We haven’t cut down the milk payments to our farmers and we’ll continue to pay them a premium for supply of Nafco.

Our Dairy Products Manufactured


To maintain the quality in outgoing milk, strict quality control analysis is done at every stage. The quality of milk before standardization requires input and after the preparation, milk is tested for Chemical and Bacteriological analysis. Well advanced quality control lab is maintained within to ensure the quality and effective lab testing.