Promoting a culture of Operational Excellence and Ensuring Quality gives us an advantage in changing industry.

Gourmet Sweets &

Bakery Treats

From the loving hands of dairy makers comes a selection of Indian Sweets, Savories, Namkeens, Cakes and Bakes.

Healthy & Wholesome Dairy Products

At NAFCO, we have always gone the extra mile to ensure that every drop of milk consumed is of the best quality.

Superlative Dishes &

Unrivalled Service

The most praised gourmet restaurant in the heart of Temple City. A place where food and coziness compliment each other.

Freshness delivered

at our Supermarkets

A self-service retail market selling especially foods and household merchandise moslty hand picked with quality.

The Gift of

Giving Back

Spending time helping out neighborhood to unite the community and bridge some of the social and economic gaps.